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Optimized Toggle Unit Design

      Optimized Toggle Unit Design, High speed Clamping unit system, Optimize platen design, Decrease platen deformation
      Provide more higher bearing capacity of mold

Cam-ring Mechanism

  • Simple and Precise Mold Thickness Adjusting Mechanism Ensureauto-correct clamping force
    Auto-correct clamping force

Multistage ejector

  • Fast ejector action with smooth and steady
    Easy to nstall elector rod
    Whole-process guidance of ejector
    Realizable impulse type ejector

More larger space of mold

  • Suitable for more large mold

Large-sized Linear Guide Rail Support

  • Reduce the deviation of platens
    Extend the working life f pull bars
    Higher bearing capacity of mold

The Advanced Control Interface

  • High peed microprocessor
    Human engineering layout
    Direct menu key access
    Data image monitoring
    Self diagnosis and fault detection capability

Closed-loop PID temperature controller

  • Precise temDerature control
    Excellently stable process control

Efficient Injection Structure

  • Uniform load in the screw
    Increase the plasticizing capacity
    Low energy consumption
    Stable structure, make the Injection efficiency higher
    Simple production process

Precise linear guide rail

  • Reduce the moving standard deviation in injection process, to ensure that coaxiality of Injection

Servo Motor and Drive

  • More energy saving
    Faster response time
    High repeatability precision
    Lower noise